Orange MOUW6800TB Black 5 Buttons 1x Wheel USB Wireless Optical Ergonomic Mouse


This Orange wireless optical mouse MOUW6800TB has a hand grip design that supports the weight of the palm evenly. It is a 5D dimensional mouse, you can move up, down, left, right, and zoom. The Orange MOUW6800TB mouse is designed for convenience and mobility, the mini nano receiver can be stored at the bottom of the mouse. It is easy to carry and ideal for notebook or laptop computers.

Orange Wireless technology is a reliable wireless connection that link your computer more then 10 feet away
Mini Nano receiver makes the wireless mouse portable and easy to carry
Hand shape design to fit left or right hand comfortably
5D dimensional mouse, browse the Internet with simple click
Orange accurate scrolling technology provides frictionless and fast scrolling
High resolution optical scanning up to 1600 DPI, makes selection ultra-precise